Above the Average: What Is An Estate Agent’s ‘Net Promoter Score’?


Nicol & Co Malvern is proud to share their Net Promoter Score of 73, which almost doubles the industry average for estate agents. But what does this score mean, and how do we calculate it?

We spoke with Malvern Sales Manager Erica to understand what the branch’s NPS means for our service and our clients.



Based on a scale of -100 to 100, a Net Promoter Score illustrates how likely a business’s customers are to recommend their service to family and friends.

Nicol & Co clients are contacted at various points throughout their interactions with us so that we can see how well our teams our succeeding, and at which stages in the process. Clients are asked how likely they are to recommend our services to family and friends using a scale of 0 – 10.

The third party company conducting the survey then collates the results the final score is presented, with a score of 0 being considered average. Erica elaborated on other significant figures to be aware of.

“Sixty is considered an excellent score, so anything above sixty is quite hard to achieve, and the industry average for estate agents is currently 36.”

With their score of 73 the Malvern branch is chuffed with the feedback they’re receiving from clients, but the most important aspect of their NPS is to stay up to date with our client’s needs.

“So when you’re getting the scores coming through that people are recommending us, that feels great and it gives us confidence that we are delivering the customer service that we think & want to deliver.”

“But equally if we’re getting feedback that people aren’t happy about something, it gives us the opportunity to contact those people and find out how we could’ve improved on that experience.”


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