Gavl livestreams

Gavl livestreams

The digital-first approach to viewings: time-saving, convenient, flexible and Covid-secure. Reduce your number of physical viewings with the option to view virtually.

How will Gavl help you?



Viewing virtually avoids unnecessary contact and travel



Viewing via livestream cuts down travel time for your prospective buyers or renters



Anyone can watch a viewing from anywhere in the world – and they’re recorded for anyone who missed the livestream



The agent can answer questions in real-time as they move through the property


Days we can speed up your sale by


Hours invested in staff training


Days we’ve dropped from our average void period


It takes 50% less viewings to sell a property

Gavl live streams

  1. Cut down on the number of viewings

    Reduce the number of people through your door, and the time and effort of staging for multiple viewings. Get 15+ viewings done in one go!

  2. Reach a wider audience

    Gavl offers flexibility and reach – a wider net of potential buyers, and ultimately more offers coming in.

  3. Let properties faster

    Livestreams allow more viewings to take place in a shorter span of time. Our void period on our lettings properties has dropped from 21 days to 11 days since using Gavl.

  4. The next best thing to a physical viewing

    With a Gavl livestream, the agent can show the nooks and crannies of the property and respond verbally to questions that viewers may have in real-time. We can take the viewers back to rooms and features that they want a second look at.

  5. Start with digital first

    Have a chat with a member of the team today to see how Gavl live streams could work for you.


For buyers

For buyers, Gavl offers convenience and flexibility. You can view virtually wherever you are. Also, the livestream is recorded, so if you missed out we can share it with you afterwards.


For sellers

For sellers, you don’t have the worry and fuss of having to clean for multiple private viewings. You can get lots of viewings done in one go – and virtually!


For renters

You don’t have to leave home or work to travel to your viewing. There are no big block viewings where you are competing for a 10 minute slot. It is convenient, flexible and you can easily fit in a viewing during your lunch break.


For landlords and developers

Landlords can virtually inspect a property. Additionally, landlords and developers can check how well an agent markets their property.

Don’t take our word for it…

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