Ready to Sell

Ready to Sell

Did you know most homeowners are expected to do their own solicitor’s paperwork? And that this usually happens after the sale, often slowing everything down? 

How will it help you?

It’s a completely free consultation

It’s a completely free consultation

At no cost to our clients, we have been able to fast-track their sales by offering free consultations that get all of their paperwork in order, ready for the impending sale. We’ll sit down with you and give you every bit of essential information you’ll need.

It gets you ‘paperwork ready’

It gets you ‘paperwork ready’

Unfortunately, as a seller, you have to wade through a mountain of paperwork. We can navigate your way through it, identifying gaps in your documentation and helping you through long-winded legalities. We’ll package it up for you to pass over to your buyer’s solicitor.

It’s useful for sellers and buyers alike

It’s useful for sellers and buyers alike

If you’re selling, you’ll have the peace of mind that we’re getting you sale-ready and doing the legwork for you. As a buyer, you’ll benefit from the service as your seller will have organised paperwork, correct legalities. It can save you weeks!

It delivers peace of mind

It delivers peace of mind

We can set you on your way for a fuss-free and speedy sale. We’ll check every box and spot problems before they arise. From first-time sellers and nervous movers to hardy pros, everyone can benefit from this pre-sale consultation.

No bad surprises

We anticipate the roadblocks to a quick sale, and offer a unique fast-track free service that will get you ‘paperwork ready’ before your sale.

Find out from our Ready To Sell expert Simon what pitfalls and legal traps he helps our vendors avoid.


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"A unique selling point"

Malvern vendor Mandy had plenty to share about her experience with #teamnicolandco, including our exclusive Ready To Sell service.

Hear her thoughts on how being Ready To Sell saves our vendors time by pulling them out of the swamp of crucial legal paperwork, and standing by with answers to the questions homeowners aren’t able to answer.

How can Ready to Sell help you?

  1. The first-time seller?

    As a first-time seller you may be unfamiliar with all the documentation needed for a sale. From the long-winded property information forms to the fitting and contents forms, these lengthy documents can be a headache – especially if you want a quick sale.

  2. The nervous mover?

    If you haven’t moved home in years, maybe even decades, the prospect can be daunting. If you need the comfort of a guiding hand, we’re here to help. We can get you up-to-date on everything you need to know for your sale.

  3. The quick seller?

    Need a speedy sale? This consultation speeds up the average sale by at least 2 weeks. It minimises unnecessary delays by recommending any jobs before a sale is agreed and collects all documentation in advance.

  4. The pro?

    You’ve sold before. You know what you’re doing. Been there and done that. You know it takes time and effort to get all those documents together, and you’re happy to let our consultants do the legwork! We don’t blame you.

  5. The time-poor?

    Documentation takes time to wade through and if gaps aren’t spotted early, they can hold the whole process up. Our consultants will be able to identify issues and help you resolve them pre-sale – one meeting can save hours of your time!

  6. The buyer?

    When you buy a property that has had a Ready to Sell consultation, your solicitor will receive an organised pack with complete documentation straightaway. This will minimise delays to your move and make the whole process far smoother.

  7. Are you Ready to Sell?

    We’d love to help you get ready to move with our free consultation.

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