Bell FC Scores Great Donation for Coppafeel

Last month saw Droitwich’s very own Dan Westwood partake in a charity football match to raise funds for Coppafeel, the charity organisation encouraging people across the UK to check their boobs & pecs in the name of public health.

We were proud to be involved in the event that raised an incredible £3,000, and it was an exciting return to the kind of community involvement the Covid-19 pandemic has prevented for so long.

Braving the warm June weather, the charity match saw current Bell FC players take on their teammates of old, with members of previous Bell FC squads coming out to put their skills against the new kids on the block.

The battle was well fought with the standing Bell FC squad managing to take home the win in the end.

Coppafeel is intent to raise awareness of breast cancer in young people, knowing that the best chances of surviving often begin with identifying early when something isn’t right. 1 in 7 women – and 1 in 100 men – will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime.

Find out more about Coppafeel via their website, and see more about our community involvement over at our community fund.