Does your garden have potential to change your life forever?

With mounting pressure on local authorities to release land for development and on regenerating brownfield sites, more and more new developments are being created by what’s been harshly labelled ‘garden grabbing.’ The phrase is related to the practice of people who own large back gardens of established properties selling sections of it to developers and […]

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Update from the desk

Whilst Teresa is performing her reshuffle and being centre of attention I thought i’d let you know about our changes within Nicol & Co. I’m excited and delighted with the moves which are sure to set the bar for 2018 progression. Congratulations to Dominique who has been awarded a promotion to Sales Manager at the […]

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Accurate pricing for houses

Accurately priced properties sell faster and for more Estate agents who overprice properties cost sellers £4.3bn. At Nicol and Co we take property pricing very seriously. We want our clients to sell for the best price but pricing too high can put off buyers. We provide free no obligation valuations and our experts can give […]

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Do Not Disturb Campaign

  Nicol & Co’s analysis of Rightmove shows that buyers are busier than ever at Christmas, with almost 25,000,000 page views on Boxing Day with total views peaking at 38,000,000 on New Years day! Looking to sell in 2018, but do not want the hassle over the festive period? Instruct us now under our DO NOT NOT […]

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We’ll help you get a head-start on your sale

Nicol & Co are delighted to introduce Ready To Sell – a unique conveyancing support service that’s designed to get our customers moving. Every house sale comes with a considerable amount of paperwork, and if something’s missing or there’s an issue with just one of the documents, it can have a massive impact on the […]

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Buying your first home is an important milestone. In fact, it’s probably one of the biggest purchases you’ve made to date and that can be a scary thing. But if you’re dreaming of domestic bliss, but not too sure where to start, then here are some top tips on buying your first home. Save for […]

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So you’ve decided to go ahead and put your house on the market. But there are a few things that you can do that go a long way towards making a good impression on future buyers. When we live anywhere for a prolonged period it’s easy to ignore the small details that a buyer would […]

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Think that selling a property looks easy? Think again. The likelihood is that you’ve found a great agent that’s seamlessly sold your property giving the illusion that it’s an easy task. The truth is, it takes hard work, dedication and a whole host of skills from negotiation to marketing to sell a home and that’s […]

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