Community fund

Nicol & Co Estate Agents Tour Acorns Children’s Hospice after £2400 in Community Fund Donations


Yesterday Managing Director Matt Nicol was invited to see the good some of our Community Fund donations are doing at one of our vendors’ most popular local organisations – Acorns Children’s Hospice.

Founded in 1988, Acorns Children’s Hospice consists of three Hospices providing life-changing palliative care to children with serious life limiting illnesses. The Hospice must raise approximately £11 Million a year in order to keep their incredible services going.

Facilities at Acorns include a hydrotherapy pool & spa, multisensory room, and creative workshops ranging from arts and crafts to drama and puppet shows. Acorns is responsible for caring for children of all ages, and relies on a combination of dedicated staff and volunteers to ensure their quality of care remains consistent.

The visit saw Matt escorted around the hospice by Acorns Fundraiser Mel Hall, whose own experience with the Hospice goes back 5 years, when her family relied on the Hospice’s care to support their own child.

As of Thursday’s visit, 24 Nicol & Co vendors have elected to send their Community Fund donation to the Hospice. Totalling over £2400, this is an incredible amount forecast to climb as the team confirms sales on more homes across the Worcestershire market.

Acorns are always in need of more volunteers and charitable contributions. If you’d like to assist with their mission of raising the standards of palliative care and providing valuable support for families in need then consider volunteering. Acorns Volunteers come in all shapes and sizes and cover a variety of crucial roles around the organisation.

You can find more information via their website.