Reconstructing Lido Park

The popular Lido Park in Droitwich was unfortunately a victim of an arson attack in July 2014. The park is part of the community for children and families so this was devastating news.  Nicol & Co director Matt Nicol said, “I’d used the Lido Park in Droitwich many times with my family and felt, albeit not literally, personally attacked. This would prove to be a feeling that was shared by others.”. 

With the need to do something and restore what had been lost to the community Matt set up a JustGiving page to raise funds to be able to repair and bring Lido Park back to life. After getting the ball rolling with a donation from us at Nicol & Co, the page successfully reached its target of £5000 in an impressive two days and the total amount raised was just over £16,500. 

This proud achievement, of raising the money and also the community coming together with local businesses also donating alongside us, contributed to Lido Park being revived and upgraded.