Releasing the potential in your land? Use an agency like Nicol & Co, who specialises in land deals

If you’re selling land, it’s important to note that there’s a big difference between how a property trans action and a land sale are handled. While any estate agent could potentially sell your site only an agent with a dedicated land and new homes department will do your site justice. Here’s why…


  1. We’ll maximise your land’s value. We understand the various stages of the planning process and how w each can have a huge impact on your returns. Entrust us with your sale and we’ll be able to negotiate with potential developers in terms that they’ll understand and respond positively to.
  2. Thanks to our network of house builders and new homes contacts, it’s very likely that we will already know who would be interested in hearing about your land’s potential.
  3. Our dedicated land and new homes team only specialises in land sales. It’s our sole focus and we have more than 11 years dedicated experience in our team.
  4. We have a national database of experts including planners, architects and of course, property developers and house builders.
  5. Our team knows how to value land accurately thanks to exclusive access to the leading land insight technology and local sales data.
  6. We know how to get planning applications approved.
  7. We understand how to market land effectively and successfully.
  8. Your site may well appeal to developers that are looking to sell and / or let the properties. We have partners in those other areas of our business who will be happy to help us put together a compelling sales package.
  9. We’ve built our business on getting you the best possible deal for your land and that’s what drives us!



For further information and a confidential appraisal of your land contact Nicol & Co and we can advise you whether it has further development potential. Call Nicol & Co Land on 01905 930404 or email: [email protected]