Community fund

The Cheques Are In! Who Have You Been Helping?

Over the past couple of months many of our vendors have taken us up on the offer to donate £100 to a local charity or community organization of their choice. We’re surrounded by a number of incredible causes in Worcestershire, here’s just some of the destinations our vendors’ donations will be heading.

Worcester Foodbank


Part of a nationwide network of foodbanks support by the Trussel Trust, working to combat poverty and hunger. Sadly, three areas within Worcester are in the top 10% most deprived areas in the country – with 17% of children estimated to be living in poverty.

Since 2012 the Worcester Food Bank has been supporting at risk families with food parcels, directions to further support networks, and a listening ear when it’s needed most. The organisation is run entirely by local volunteers, who manage the organisation & delivery of donation foods.


Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust


A fantastic cause that #teamnicolandco has worked with before, the Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust does important work for children suffering with cancer, and the family around them. Funds go towards the Trust’s work raising awareness of childhood cancers, producing informative materials, and financing key research for rare forms of cancer. Amidst it all the Trust is a comforting presence for afflicted families, offering both practical and emotional support.

The incredible work they do makes it no surprise our vendors often elect the Trust for their Community Fund donation. Since being set up in 2014 the Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust has reached over 2 million families, funded £330,000 worth of vital cancer research to date, and stepped in to offer much-needed financial support to families in need; a practice that continued throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.


Danemere Kennels & Cattery


A family run business, some of our local clients might be familiar with Danemere as a cattery or a kennel; looking after the furry members of our families when – for whatever reason – they can’t travel with us. However it’s their animal rescue work that encouraged our vendors to donate; as since 1993 Danemere has also been looking out for homeless dogs and cats in the local area as a registered charity.

First inspired by collie cross Kipper, Danemere has been supported by generous animal lovers volunteering their time to stretch their shoestring budget to help as many pets as possible. Over the years the team has been responsible for rescuing thousands of animals, rehoming many to trustworthy members of the community. For the pets that were reluctant or unable to be rehomed, Danemere became a safe place for them to regain their trust and get their tails wagging once again.


St Richard’s Hospice


One of our most popular choices, St Richard’s Hospice is a long established charity serving adults with serious progressive illness since 1984. The Hospice offers support from the very start; from the point of diagnosis, into their treatment, and through to end of life treatment.

The Hospice’s 250 staff are predominantly supported by public donations such as those from our Community Fund, with a quarter being provided by the NHS. The Hospice’s care covers both the physical and mental health; working with patients to help manage pain and preserve independence and consulting their emotional and spiritual concerns (and those of their families) in their final days.