Better Together: Advice For Moving Closer To Your Family

Looking to move closer to family?

Life can be surprising and it’s not always certain where it’ll take you. Maybe it’s resulted in you looking to move closer to family.

Lockdown affected many people in different ways and for those who lived far away, even abroad, it caused a lot of distress being far from family. Many people started to think about relocating or moving closer to family members and relatives. 

We understand that isn’t the only reason you may be looking to move, there could be other causes but whatever your reason is, we’ve answered some common thoughts you’ll have.


The timeframe

Is there a pressing matter causing you to act quickly? For example, you may be starting a family of your own and want to be closer to your family for help or support. Getting moved before the baby arrives can cause you to have a shorter timeframe. Or maybe something unexpectedly is the cause, either way, moving in a quick timeframe is very doable. 

A lot of it boils down to preparation and having the right tools. Having the right documentation to hand so it’s easily accessible, responding quickly to any parties and knowing your next step are some tips to help with a shorter timeframe. 

On the other hand, you might not be in a rush to move closer to family. For instance, you may have just retired and you’re now choosing to move. Having a longer timeframe allows you to thoroughly check everything you do and means you can take your time in looking for a property or waiting for the right offer if you’re selling. 


An existing property

If you’re a homeowner, a thought that may have passed your mind is how it’s all going to work and that it could be a hassle. Making big decisions doesn’t need to be hard, with the right help you can be on a smooth road to your end destination. 

It’s always worth asking yourself if you, first of all, want to keep the property even when you move. From there, you can ask yourself what you’d like to do with it. If you want to keep it, do you plan to rent it out? Or if you want to sell it, are you looking to do this quickly?

On another note, if you are renting and looking to move you may also be wondering how it’ll work. If the move cannot wait till the end of the agreed tenancy period, it’s best to speak to your landlord or estate agent. Contracts differ and you want to be informed about the process and what implications there are. 


Is it a good time to move?

Whether you’re looking to buy or sell a property, it’s a great time to be moving. Both sellers and buyers would be looking to complete any property transactions before the busy Christmas season so starting it now gives you a great head start. 

For buyers and yourself, the longer, lighter summer days allow you to get a feel of the neighbourhood. People will be spending time outside and if your working hours during the day are a roadblock then going after you’ve finished is still an option with the sun going down late. 

Additionally, with the rise of staycations due to the fantastic UK weather and travel restrictions still around, people are staying in the country. This means more potential buyers and also sellers on the property market.


I need assistance

At Nicol & Co our team will work to your timeframe whether that’s a quick move or if you have more time. We have proudly helped hundreds of people move in or to Worcestershire, we know the area and can guide you through each step. 

If you’re looking to sell, take the first step with a free property valuation. We have three branches for you to pop in to visit, or if you prefer giving us a call or sending us a message get in touch here