In conversation with Nicol & Co Land & Development Consultant – Luke Alexander

What does your role involve?

I’m happy to say that no two days are the same! I often work with our researcher – there are five of us based in the Land and New Homes department – Jack and I identify potential sites and go from there. I’ll go out on visits where I’ll talk to the landowners to discover what their plans are. At the same time, I’ll be talking to house builders on a daily basis and the skill comes in connecting them with sites that suit their needs.

Is the market healthy at the moment?

Absolutely. There is a real appetite for land opportunities right now and we know exactly where developers and house builders are trying to buy. Often, a landowner will talk to us about a site and we’ll know just the buyer to approach.

What sort of sites are selling?

It’s a very broad mix. There are single garden plots at one end of the scale, then the three-to-eight sites which are incredibly popular, right up to 10-acre strategic sites that are sold subject to planning.

Why do you think that is?

I’d like to say that a lot of it is down to our efforts, expertise and the momentum we’ve gained over the past few years. But also, our area is in demand and house builders are thinking strategically about sites closer to Worcestershire Parkway for example or the new infrastructure that’s transforming our region.

What’s top of your to do list at the moment?

Definitely meeting with landowners. If you’re thinking about putting in a planning application (or have already done so), it’s definitely worth getting in touch for some expert advice and fresh thinking.

For further information and a confidential appraisal of your land contact Nicol & Co and we can advise you whether it has further development potential. Call Nicol & Co Land on 01905 930404 or email: [email protected]