Recap: Easter Egg Hunt in Droitwich Spa Hosted by Nicol & Co and Mindful Financial Planning

Last Friday, April 7th, Nicol & Co and Mindful Financial Planning hosted an Easter Egg Hunt in Droitwich Spa, which attracted over 100 children who had a blast under the beautiful weather.

The event kicked off at Droitwich Spa Cricket Club, where the children received their clue cards and set off to collect all 10 stamps scattered throughout the Lido Park.

The kids had a great time searching high and low for the hidden stamps, while parents and guardians enjoyed the sunny weather and the picturesque park.

Once the children collected all the stamps, they returned to the cricket clubhouse, where they were rewarded with an Easter egg prize for their hard work. The event was a great success, with many participants hoping for an annual repeat. Plans are already underway to make the Easter Egg Hunt a staple event in Droitwich Spa’s community calendar.

The Easter Egg Hunt was an excellent opportunity for children to enjoy the great outdoors, connect with the local community, and have fun with their families. Nicol & Co and Mindful Financial Planning were delighted to host the event and provide a great experience for everyone involved.

We look forward to seeing the Easter Egg Hunt become a regular fixture in Droitwich Spa’s social scene and are excited to welcome even more participants next year. Stay tuned for updates and more exciting events from Nicol & Co and Mindful Financial Planning!