First time seller


We understand that selling your first home is a big step. There are financial factors to consider, legal responsibilities to navigate, contracts to exchange and choices to make. You may well also find yourself in the middle of a chain, which can have its own challenges.

We can help. At Nicol & Co, we’ve been dealing with first time sellers since day one and we know just what you need to focus on (and in what order). Talk to us and you’ll soon be moving on.

Our experts can explain everything and you can turn to us with any questions you may have about your sale or the conveyancing process. It’s our responsibility to ensure that you’re stress-free, informed, and aware of what you need to do (and when).

Get in touch with any of our agents to discuss your next steps and to arrange a valuation. PLUS, download our handy guide for first time sellers, which explains the process in detail.

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