‘Fully Supported… At Every Step’: How Does Nicol & Co Make An Impression?

We’re fortunate to be on the receiving end of some incredible reviews from previous and current clients as we go about serving the Worcestershire community, and we think it’s important staff members see exactly how much of a difference their passion makes.

When Sales Specialist Alice received a particularly glowing review from a client impressed by her service, we decided to get to the bottom of what she’s doing right – and there was no better person to ask that Alice herself.


How do we make an impression?

What did we learn? Well, according to Alice, it’s always a ‘team effort’:

“In Worcester we work as a team, we are a great team. Everyone has individual roles. So if she was out to be viewing there would be Sam & Lara who would stay in touch regarding feedback after the viewing, mine particularly is to stay in touch with buyers and applicants.”

It’s not just a vendor in need of feedback that will get the team picking up the phone however, as Alice goes onto to explain that staying in touch with our clients means a lot more than reeling off the details for our latest instructions.

“Even if I don’t have a property to particularly pitch or discuss with them I like to just call them, see if they’ve viewed anything else, see if they need any advice, sometimes it’s just a debrief of what’s being going on in their life and what they’ve been up to. I think that builds up a rapport.”


Advice for buyers.

We recommend anyone searching for a property in Worcestershire register with us so that Sales Specialists like Alice can let you know about our latest instructions before they go live on Rightmove, but what other advice does Alice have for buyers looking to find their next home?

“Definitely be patient. It is difficult at the moment its a very buoyant market, in some cases we’ve had nearly 20 people viewing our properties so obviously there’s a lot of interest. There’s a lot of people looking.”

“We are also quite unique in Worcester here at Nicol & Co where we do livestreams, so an online viewing… that’s a great way of being able to have a walk-through, understanding the layout, the area, what the road’s like – and obviously if you’re relocating that’s a great advantage.”


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