Is your garden a life changing goldmine?

With mounting pressure on local authorities to release land for development, an increasing number of new developments are being created by what’s harshly labelled as ‘garden grabbing’.


The phrase relates to the practise of people who own large back gardens of established properties selling sections of it to developers and earning large, life changing sums from it.


This is often done when neighbours get together and create what’s called ‘land assemblies’ that share an equal amount of each householder’s back garden. The result is a potential development site for future homes.


We’ve consulted and worked upon many deals like theses over the years and have the necessary experience in pulling together both straight forward and complicated land package assemblies.


If bit’s something you’re considering, we can provide you with a no obligation consultation that includes a valuation based on the land as it stands today – and what the development could be worth tomorrow.


Thinking of looking into selling your parcel of land? Here are some points that are worth considering:


  • You must own the freehold
  • Conservation areas can present issues in some instances
  • If the garden is large enough, listed building status may not prevent development
  • Think about access – corner sites are particularly sought after. Perhaps the new house can share the existing drive
  • Large trees are not necessarily a drawback as a scheme might be designed around them and they could add to its attraction
  • It is the planners who will decide if your land can be developed not your neighbours, although they will listen carefully to their objections
  • Consult your neighbourhood’s local plan as it will often offer valuable insight


For further information and a confidential appraisal of your land contact Nicol & Co and we can advise you whether it has further development potential. Call Nicol & Co Land on 01905 930404 or email: [email protected]