Can House Viewings Take Place? New Rules For January Lockdown


With a new National Lockdown imposed you may be wondering what the new measures mean for your property plans. With many previous forms of preventative measures it’s easy to lose track. We’ve collected all of the important information so you know where you stand.

Much of what we’re able to do for our clients is still possible, however we are returning to stricter measures in some aspects of our business.

The Housing Market is remaining open and we can still come to your home to take pictures, prepare our virtual tours, and get everything we need to successfully market your home.

Home viewings will still be taking place, however they will not be the first port of call for our buyers. Instead we will ask that buyers first view virtually and confirm they are proceedable before a physical viewing takes place. During viewings buyers will wear face coverings and avoid touching any and all surfaces wherever possible, and our vendors are encouraged to open all of the doors inside of their home to reduce the risk of surface contamination. As well as this, vendors are encouraged to vacate the property for the duration of the viewing, and clean their surfaces afterward.

You are still able to move home, though assistance from others outside of your household is discouraged where possible. This does not mean removal firms are unavailable; you will be able to employ their help in your move without repercussion. However in the interest of safety movers are being asked to pack and sanitise their own belongings whenever possible.

Further exceptions to home visits include Tradespeople, Agents and Surveyors who can all enter your home if necessary. In any case social distancing is to be strictly observed and those self-isolating should not receive visitors.

As the industry adjusts delays may be expected, and anyone concerned about the timeline of their sale shouldn’t hesitate to get in touch for more information.