Ready to Buy

Ready to Buy

You’ve lived in your home for years, maybe even decades. It’s far too much work to upkeep, or doesn’t suit your lifestyle anymore, but the thought of selling is even more intimidating. In fact, it just seems impossible.


For those moves that seem insurmountable, our service can help. We’ll do all the legwork for you. Uncertainty will be taken out of the equation as we’ll help you to secure the perfect property – before you sell your current home.


How will it help you?

A tailored service

A tailored service

Ready to Buy is tailored to the individual. It’s a one-to-one service where you will receive specialist care and attention. We can match whatever pace you need.

It can help you ‘rightsize’

It can help you ‘rightsize’

Often we’ll talk to clients who have been in the same home for years, but due to changing circumstances need to now look for a property that is better suited to their needs. We like to think of it as ‘rightsizing’, not downsizing.

It removes uncertainty

It removes uncertainty

Everyone needs hand-holding through certain situations. Think of it like outsourcing your moving worries to an expert who can handle them! Rest assured, we’ll work on your behalf, with your goals in mind.

Let someone else do the legwork

Let someone else do the legwork

Getting ready to buy involves a lot of prep: the paperwork, the legalities, the searching. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if someone could take the weight off your shoulders?


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How can you get Ready to Buy?

  1. We’ll start with a property appraisal

    The first step is establishing what your property currently stands to sell for, and how we can increase the price for maximum value.

  2. Single-point-of-contact

    You’ll have a constant point of contact

    You won’t be passed from pillar to post, you’ll have a consultant who will attend to your case. They will be your personal Ready to Buy agent.

  3. We’ll establish your property requirements

    We’ll be working one-to-one with you to search for that perfect next home. Your agent will sit down with you and work out exactly what it is you’re looking for.

  4. Put your feet up, we’ll do the searching for you

    Once we’ve gotten to know you and your needs, we’ll have a real understanding of what to search for. You can sit back and let your agent do the legwork for you. We don’t just look through our stock – we’ll search the entire marketplace for you.

  5. Location specific enquiries

    If you’re interested in a particular location, we can target our search. We can put posts out into newspapers, send out targeted social media, and even letter-drop through the doors of properties you’re interested in!

  6. We’ll even negotiate on your behalf

    If the thought of negotiating a sale fills you with dread and you wouldn’t know where to start, we can help out.

  7. Are you Ready to Buy?

    We’d love to help you get ready to move

Don’t take our word for it…

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