Relocating to Worcestershire: Our Property Guide


Are you relocating for work? 

Relocating is an exciting time of change. The chance for new experiences, new people and new surroundings. If you’re relocating to Worcestershire for work, you’ll most likely need some guidance or general information on the property side of things. Your first questions are probably: where will I live, a house or a flat? What specific area will I relocate to? 

If it’s giving you a headache and you don’t know where to start with your relocation journey, we’ve put together some starter questions and thoughts to think about to get you on your way: 


Are you buying or renting? 

Deciding on whether you’re going to be buying or renting will mainly be affected by factors such as your financial situation and if it’s going to be a long term or short term relocation.

If it’s short-term and you decide that renting a property in Worcestershire is the best option, we can help find a rental property that will meet your needs. Renting gives you flexibility and means you won’t need to commit to a property or area for a long period of time. Renting property can be a great way to get a feel of a place, check if the local amenities that are your priority are close enough. 

Later down the line when you have grown familiar with the area, you may decide that you’d actually like to live in another part of Worcestershire. A lettings tenancy agreement provides you with flexibility and many relocators see great value in this try before you buy approach. 

If you’re relocating for a new job, for family reasons or lifestyle choices and the plan is to be in your new location long term, you are likely to consider buying a property. Home ownership is still very much a preferred choice in the UK including for people who are relocating.

With the property market being very busy and positive, it really is a great time to buy. The recently announced extension of the stamp-duty holiday allows buyers to take advantage of not having to pay the property purchase tax representing savings of up to £15,000. There is no stamp-duty on properties in Worcestershire of up to £500,000 until the end of June 2021, and up to the end of September for properties up to the value of £250,000. This represents a real incentive for buyers who are relocating to the wonderful county of Worcestershire. 

We are seeing a surge in people relocating out of London, big cities or towns because priorities have changed during COVID-19 pandemic and national lockdowns. Looking for a bigger home? More green space? Parks nearby? We have our estate agency offices in the beautiful city of Worcester and the towns of Droitwich Spa and Malvern, and know these areas inside out, including surrounding  villages. We’re in a good place to find the home that suits your relocation needs best.


Know the area you’d like to relocate to?

Relocating to an unfamiliar place can be difficult. You may be unsure how far or close your commute would be to your new office or place of work. You may want to be in an area where there are other people who are of similar age. Social demographics will certainly play a factor in choosing where to buy or rent your next home.  

If you don’t drive, you’ll most likely want to be close to shops and transport links for easy access. Properties listed with Nicol & Co can be viewed on a map display and highlight local amenities such as nearby train stations and schools. 

But there’s no question that with all these considerations and questions, finding the ideal location is best done by speaking to a local. You’re in luck because that’s us! Our team is happy to sit and chat about what you’re after and from that we can help you find your right home. 


Sign up for property alerts

If you have figured out whether you’re buying or renting, signing up for our property alerts would be the next step. If not, you can still sign up to learn more about what properties are available in Worcestershire. 

Budget and size are welcomed information to put for your property alerts. By filling in some information on the type of property you’re after it will help with narrowing alerts to be properties that are relevant to you.  


We have virtual tours

If you’re relocating far from Worcestershire, it’s not so easy to be able to attend a viewing. For this, we offer virtual tours which give you the opportunity to take a look at a property without having to move from your sofa.  

This is really handy for narrowing down the properties you’re interested in, once you’ve done this and you know you’re serious about the ones you have picked, you can book in for an in person viewing. The times when you’d spend hours out your day travelling from viewing to viewing are over. We have even had people rent simply from seeing the virtual tour – yes, these literally place you inside the property and are completely immersive.


Relocating and need to sell or let your Worcestershire home?

Of course we also help sellers.  Whether you are relocating to a new part of the region or moving out of the area, let us help you. As one of the region’s leading estate agents, our team is truly local with an abundance of experience in getting the best price for your property and selling it quickly. 

Find out more about our selling process here or get in touch with the team.  We’ll start with a free valuation so you are in the know about your financial situation. 

If you are considering letting your property in Worcestershire as you relocate to a new area, we can help with that too. Our experienced lettings team work with one-off landlords as well as portfolio investors – always with one goal in mind: to look after your property and get the best rental price for you.

Relocating doesn’t need to be stressful. Getting you started on these first points is a step in the right direction. The team at Nicol & Co are happy to help, whatever stage you’re at.