The Next Chapter: Property Advice for a Change of Circumstances


Had a change of circumstances?

Going through life you’re bound to encounter a change of circumstance which will affect where or how you’re living. No matter how big or small that circumstance is, it’ll have an impact.

From relocating for a new job, moving in with your partner, starting a family and needing a bigger space, to downsizing because your children have flown the nest, the cycles of life and milestones that change our circumstances are endless. Due to a new situation, your living requirements will most likely change and finding the next place or solving your property needs doesn’t have to be stressful.

A change in circumstance will usually drive you towards one of these main property services: buying, selling, letting or renting. And at Nicol & Co we’re here to help with every aspect of your journey.



Whether it’s your first time buying a home or you’re looking for a new one, it’s always an exciting time finding the right one to suit you. Finding a home is just one part of the buying process and can be different depending on which estate agency you are buying with. ­­­­­­

At Nicol & Co we are always keen to offer guidance and support and we like to share useful information with our customers, so if you’re buying property you can learn more in our 6 Simple steps for buying.

Buying a property is often ‘your most expensive purchase’ and requires you to consider several factors such as are you looking for a new build or an old property? Both property types offer different benefits, it’s worth speaking to your estate agent about pros and cons and what is available in your area of choice. Or are you wanting somewhere close to open spaces or a park so you can take daily walks or exercise dogs? Or maybe you’re buying to invest? 

Your choices and decision are likely to be determined by your financial situation, the budget you have and how much you are willing to spend to buy a property. Cost considerations will also include if you want to do a place up or change certain features. Choosing a local, independent estate agent with real local knowledge and fingers on the pulse of the local property market will be key in helping you find and secure the property that is right for you.



Moving due to your new circumstance and need to sell a property? Whatever the reason, we have experience in selling all types of property and do so with your precise needs in mind. 

The very first step to selling is getting a property valuation. We offer free, no obligation valuations in person or virtually, which will give you an accurate and honest indication of how much your property is worth. This in turn will help with future decisions so you know how much you have in your pocket to move forward.

One big component in selling is timing and when you want your property sold. If you’re looking to move as soon as possible and want or need your property sold quickly, we will make sure our marketing is escalated with a significant push as the property goes on the market. We can for instance organise pre-marketing livestream or a Covid-Secure Launch Event to increase early interest.  

Maybe you’re not in a rush as you may be in a chain for your onward property purchase or your change of circumstances is not time critical, this can all be crucial information for us to determine how we’re going to market and sell your property most efficiently.



Recently bought a property investment and looking to let it out? Did you upsize but decided to keep your previous property and looking to let it out? Or maybe you’re based overseas and looking to let your property in Worcestershire. Letting a property can be challenging if you work full time or have a busy life and juggling the landlord responsibilities can be demanding and time-consuming.  

Furthermore, letting property requires compliance with legislation and you’ll need to make sure you abide by these and that the right tenants are in your property. At Nicol & Co we’re very familiar with the process involved with letting a property, you can find out how it all works here

We can take the weight off your shoulders and save you time by looking after your property investment so you can get on with your day-to-day life.  Ask about our fully managed lettings service which gives peace of mind that you, your property investment and your tenants are protected. 



There are many reasons why someone is looking for a rental property and we’re here to help you, whether that’s finding the right property to rent or assist you throughout your tenancy. 

Whatever your situation, renting property can be convenient and is increasingly becoming a more popular choice for many; whether you’re in need of somewhere to live temporarily due to a change in work or employment, maybe your change of circumstances requires you to rent a second home or perhaps you have decided that through life-style choice, renting your next home is now the right choice for you.

Renting is also a great choice if your circumstances require a relocation and you are looking to trial an area before you commit to buying. Find out if all the amenities you’re after are nearby or the travel links are suitable for you. 

Whatever your change of circumstance is, planned or unplanned, we aim to make the property part of your transition as stress-free as possible and are here to help with local advice, guidance and property expertise. Get in touch with our team today.


To speak to one of our agents to get things moving, please contact us today.

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