A unique service that beats any tech – hits a big milestone.


Competitive edge isn’t always achieved by those that spend the most on tech and this month we have been delighted to record that over 500 Nicol & Co vendors have been helped by our unique Ready To Sell service. Since July 2017 at no cost to our client we have provided a consultation appointment to get all of their paperwork in order ready for the impending sale. The many benefits to the client have become apparent in the wonderful feedback we receive.

For some it has been the hand holding process of explaining the many facets of the sales process and why the paperwork is needed.

For others it has been the opportunity to spot potential issues and work to resolve them before the buyer is found.

For all it has sped up the process for their solicitor to ‘open a file’ and therefore issue contracts to the buying party which in turn has reduced our average timescale from offer accepted to exchange vs the national average.

Stripped back it is a simple process; we employ the services of two of the best known property experts to contact and meet our clients as soon as Nicol & Co are instructed. They are no longer acting as conveyancer or solicitor but have the benefit of many years of experience in all aspects of residential sales. We’ll package all of this information and if a solicitor isn’t chosen at this point will hold it securely until the buyer is found. As soon as you have decided we’ll often hand drop everything to your solicitor along with the Memorandum Of Sale.

We’ve had some great success stories along the way with this invaluable service and we’re looking forward to many more!