Use Nicol & Co for expert advice at every stage

Whether you’re curious about how a land sale works or have already made a start, we can really get things moving for you. There are typically five phases of land development and our experts can step in at any stage to help secure you a better deal.


  1. Has my land got potential? A common starting point. Let us talk you through your options and offer our insight on what’s possible and realistic to achieve.
  2. I’ve applied for planning consent While this can feel like an uncertain time , our fresh approach and local connect ions can help you plot a path to profit sooner than you may have thought possible.
  3. I’ve had planning permission refused It’s definitely worth seeking advice at this stage as, while it can seem like the end of your journey, it’s often just the start. We can  help you  take things in the new direction by reassessing your plans and advising you accordingly.
  4. I’ve had planning approved Great news! Now’s the perfect time to assess all the options open to you. At this stage, it’s a good idea to get an up-to-date land valuation from one of our experts.
  5. My site is under construction We really ought to talk. Our team has extensive experience of managing site sales operations and you can count on us to represent you professionally and to uphold your best interests.


Whichever stage you’re at, it pays to talk to an expert. Get in touch for a no obligation discussion. 

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