What Does The Future Hold? Property Advice For When Facing Uncertainty

Over the last year and a half, many faced uncertainty throughout the pandemic. We’ve seen significant uncertainty around jobs, income, health, travel and generally knowing how our lives would be affected by the pandemic with new regulation and guidance changing daily. 

Some of these uncertainties are not new to us.  A job for life is no longer commonplace, and can in many industries not be relied on. Forever homes are not as sought after with increased movement of people, property and places giving rise to a need for more flexibility.

With this in mind, there are often options out there to help people figure out what to do in times of transition. 

Some uncertainties may lead to one of these property situations: 


Selling a property

If selling property is a route you are looking to take, your first step is to arrange a free property valuation. Receiving an accurate valuation is part of being able to make informed decisions and understand your financial situation.

The current market conditions and local area will affect your market appraisal. By arranging for one of our property experts to carry out a valuation you can expect to receive guidance and advice that will be relevant and based on our local knowledge and years of estate agency expertise.

Are you looking for a quick sale? Sometimes a change of circumstance requires you to move at short notice and that is something we can certainly help with. In the active market we are experiencing, we have buyers waiting and can also reach out to investment buyers across our three branches in Droitwich Spa, Malvern and Worcester.


Discreet property services

The circumstance you are in maybe one you don’t want everyone to know about – that is completely fine. There are ways to be discreet when executing property services including selling off-market. 

Any decision to be discreet will be respected and at Nicol & Co we can help talk you through it to put your mind at ease.



Planning for uncertainty can mean considering what will be the right size home for your circumstances. Maybe your children are grown up or you’re about to start your own family? Then it’s time to find a property that is the right size for you. 

Knowing when to rightsize isn’t just about families growing or deciding to let go of the spare bedrooms, it can be about maintenance costs or your own lifestyle.



Uncertainty can mean not knowing where your next move will take you. Renting is a great option for those looking for flexibility. Perhaps you are unsure if you want to live in a certain area long term, or you are new to an area and want to feel your way through the property market before deciding to buy your own home? 

Renting is a good option if you are not ready to commit to buying and the process is shorter. The flexibility offered when renting property means you can change property type or area when a tenancy agreement ends. Perhaps you’re ready to move to another part of Worcestershire – our lettings team are local and on hand to give advice to renters in Droitwich Spa, Malvern and Worcester.



Recently purchased an investment property or added to your property portfolio and now facing uncertainty? Our letting experts can help you explore your options. Whether you suddenly need to let out your property due to a temporary career move,  or perhaps you now need to sell a property you have previously rented out – we can help you and always offer no-obligation advice.


Sales and lettings under one roof

Our team are very experienced in both sale and lettings and understand the property market in Worcestershire through and through. Our sales and lettings team work closely together and can speedily help you sell, let, buy or rent if your circumstances change due to uncertainty.

If you are facing uncertainty that is likely to impact your property and living situation, we want to help. The property experts at Nicol & Co can talk you through your options and try to ease some of the stress you are feeling. Get in touch with our friendly team today.